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Three Products to Use In Finnabair Moulds

Finnabair Moulds as well as Redesign Decor moulds are food-safe and heat-proof, which opens up loads of other possibilities like fondant, FIMO Clay, melting chocolate, etc. Just remember to keep your crafting moulds separate from your cooking moulds!

Today we are going to look at three different mediums you can use in moulds. Each has its pros and cons.

1. Try hot glue in Finnabair Moulds for lightweight embellishments. Best for cards, tags, and journals. The bigger the glue sticks the less hand fatigue you will feel. Hot glue is low cost and chances are you already have some on hand. You’ll need to work fast as hot glue has the quickest hardening time. Castings are slightly bendable.

2. Try Redesign Modeling Material in Finnabair Moulds for a vintage effect with small cracks. Modeling material produces medium-weight embellishments. Best for furniture, recipe boxes, frames, pots, etc as you can bend it around corners, then tape it down until dry. You can leave casting to dry in the mould, or pull them out and let them air dry. Castings are very flexible but become solid once dry. This material has the longest working time which also means it has the longest setting time. Modeling material or clay, in general, is prone to cracks which are perfect for a distressed look. Cracks can be filled with more modeling material to create a smoother finish.

3. Try Resin in Finnabair Moulds for pieces with the most detail and for tiny/fragile designs. With resin, there is no shrinkage or cracking and the castings can handle wear and tear. Castings are medium-heavy weight results. Use on any project where a little weight is tolerated: furniture, frames, mini-albums, etc. Resin pieces are slightly bendable right out of the mould for a short time. There are two main types of resin. Quick setting that has a working time of about 10 minutes and cures to a solid white. Clear resin takes about 24 hours for a full cure and can be customized to have different colors or embellishments like glitter inside. Our moulds create a matte finish with clear resin.

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