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5 Ways to Turn Transfers into Wall Art

Did you know you can put a transfer onto a canvas and add a little paint to create the perfect painting? However, canvas paintings are not the only wall art that you can create using transfers. We have 5 ways to transform a furniture decor transfer into wall art. (And not one of them requires canvas!)

Wood makes the perfect surface for decor transfers. Whether you upcycle a piece of scrap wood or craft something brand new, a little bit of paint and a decor transfer are all you need to create something that will fit in with any decor.

Next up is sturdy fabric. This piece actually started off as a small fabric carpet but looks amazing as a wall hanging once the Blossom Flight Transfer was applied.

Tick tock, it’s time to Redesign! Clocks can make a statement in any room. It can take little patience to make your clock look just right but I assure you it is well worth the time!

Make your decor do double duty by being beautiful and functional. Coat racks do not have to be bland and boring.

“I wanted to demonstrate how to create different looks by combining different products on a similar project. The racks were an easy diy and very versatile. Perfect for organization and storage in the kitchen, bathroom, or entrance. Towels, dish towels, scarves, and bags are just a few ideas it could be used for.” -Winnifred of Drab2fabSA

Glass and Mirrors are another fun “medium” canvas”. With a mirror, you can use a few small pieces of a transfer to add a little style to a still-useable mirror or cover most of the surface and turn it into a purely decorative piece.

Glass allows you to be even more creative if you apply transfers to both sides of the glass creating an almost 3d like effect like the project below.

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