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Re·Design with Prima®

A Look Back at 2022

2022 is quickly coming to an end. It’s been an amazing year filled with beautiful projects and breathtaking new designs. We are proud to have added new designs, designers, and content creators to the Redesign family. We can’t wait to see what is in store for next year. But before we do that, we thought it would be fun to look back at 2022 and some of our favorite projects!

Thank you to every member of our team and to everyone who is a part of the Redesign family. Be sure to share your favorite project of 2022 in the Redesign Facebook group.

We hope that 2023 is filled with creativity, good experiences, and inspiration!

Until next year XOXO

“I loved everything about this decoupage paper from the moment I first laid eyes on it.  I wanted to create a work of art worthy of her beauty and I really think that I captured that fun and the quirky aura she inspires in my completed project.

Fun fact: I love her red hair, even though I’m now a blonde I had red hair for years ~ maybe this is what drew me to her.

This is my favorite project of 2022 because I put my so much of my heart and soul into this piece, so much so that I could not sell her and made room for her in my own home.

Next year I am looking forward to pushing myself even more to try new things and continue to keep growing, learning, and experimenting with the fabulous Prima products!!  Happy New Year Everyone.”

Tracey Cardenas – Tracey’s Treasures of Southampton

“My favorite project of 2022.  I could not choose just one! 

It would be fair to say that each time that I work with Redesign with Prima A1 Papers I am over the moon excited! The papers are such an amazing guide for my creativity. I find that after applying the decoupage paper the creativity just comes to life. I often refer to it as a “Paint by numbers” kind of feel. The colors in the paper lead the direction of the paint color and products that I will use for my creation. 

Therefore, I chose two of my favorite projects! The colors! The texture! I could not wait to work with this design. 

Hilltop Castle grabbed me at first site! The colors were amazing and the design felt perfect for today’s decor. A bit of rustic, artistic detail, and gorgeous textures. 

I felt instant inspiration to use it with other papers. My favorite pairing was Gothic Rhapsody. Patina Paste Brass by Art Extravaganza was the magic that completed the design. 

I always look forward to seeing what Redesign with Prima will come up with next!” 

Calle’s ReDesigns

“I went over all the projects I did this year, and I just couldn’t decide between these two projects on which one is my favorite so I choose two! One is a small night table that I did as a collaboration with Aida from With Love Furniture, to pay tribute to our Mexican roots, while the second one is a vibrant full of life summery extravaganza… both completely opposite, maybe that is what I love them so much!

Fun fact: The day of the dead one is the very first one where I did hand painting on furniture! Did you know that “La Catrina”, the skeleton that has for years been a symbol of the Mexican Day of the Dead, wasn’t created for that reason at all? The cartoon was actually drawn as a criticism of Mexican society of the 1900s that was trying to be more European… the artist created the skeleton to show that at the end, we all are just bones!
why is your fave project

The day of the dead one is my favorite because it pays tribute to my Mexican roots and traditions. The second one is just fun! I have never worked with such vibrant colours before! So it really allows me just to have fun

Next year I am looking forward to continue creating amazing pieces of furniture! and hope to open my YouTube channel!”

Daniel – Other man’s Treasure

“Vigorous Violet is my absolute favorite transfer that there is!!! I have used it several times now on different pieces of furniture. It looks amazing over any paint color that you choose and is super easy to work with! 

I painted this awesome king headboard and footboard in blends of purples, pale pinks and grays. Working on such a flat surface was super easy compared to the curvy drawers and sick that I usually work with! I wanted the posts of the bed to be some type of gold but did not like the lighter gold with it. Not enough contrast. So I used the patina effect paste in brass and it reminded me of an aged copper penny! I also used the script stencil in gold for some added shimmer and style.” 

Rachael Ray – Rebranded by Rachael 

“This is an antique side table that I bought from a local flea market for just $5. It features beautiful hand carved details and some of the most gorgeous wood grain I have ever seen. A fun fact, I broke my foot the same day I started working on this piece. 

I feel like its a perfect representation of my style of painting. It’s both masculine and feminine, and bold with pops of color to soften the edges. A contrast between dark and light, serious and playful. The “Wow! I didn’t think that would work well together,” but it does.

Next year I am looking forward to more paint, more transfers, and more furniture.”

 Derek – The Gransdson’s Brush

“This is my favourite piece from 2022 because it has all the elements that I love in furniture

 First, this style of furniture is my favourite. Second, I applied Decor moulds to make my own design. Third, cathedral taupe and Algonquin are my fav colors. And fourth, I love how Decor transfers  look over natural wood❤️💕💕

Vilma – Renovelle by Vilma

“This is my favourite 2022 project because I tried new things and had no real plan in mind and I love how it turned out!

I’m looking forward to trying more new techniques and products next year and pushing myself creatively.”

Kristin – Dressers and Jujubes

“This is the picture of my favourite piece of 2022. This piece has an unique artistic style to me. I have used so many different techniques, and textures and I also played with different patterns using stamps, transfers, moulds, and this stunning decoupage fiber. It is my favourite piece so far because it challenged me to learn different painting techniques that I was not familiar with. It made me think outside of the box. I am looking forward to continuing to grow as an artist and to always be able to let my art flow through my furniture.” 

Santiago – Santiagos Furniture and Interior Art

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