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Re·Design with Prima®

Building a Kit

DIY projects continue to gain popularity in the home decor and crafting world. People love the idea of creating something unique and personalized for their living spaces but not everyone is experienced with DIY. Classes are a great option but not everyone has the time or flexibility to go to an in-person class. That’s what makes kits a great alternative. Plus some people are not looking for a step-by-step but rather want a kit that has all the tools they need but still allowed them the creativity of creating something unique. Building a kit is a great way to pair products together and take the guesswork out of where to start.

Here are some tips to get you started when building your own kits.

Decide if your kit will be an all-in-one or if customers need to acquire anything else. All-in-one kits are perfect for small projects such as signs, memory boxes, or other alterable.

A furniture kit would most likely NOT include the furniture but you can build a kit that pairs items that work well together. For example, pair a lavender or dove gray paint with the Champs De Lavende Decor Transfer, Lavender Harvest Decor Mould, Milky Way Iridescent Decor Wax, and Modeling Material. Make sure that if your customer needs to acquire anything in addition to the kit, it is clearly labeled.

Sampler kits are a great way to give customers a chance to try out a variety of different products. Cut up transfers with lots of different pieces such as Just Labels H2O Transfer and the Watercolor Lush Decor Transfer, add in some decor mould castings, small samples of decor wax, and a cutting of one of our Stick n Styles stencils.

Starter kits are much like sampler kits in that they are an awesome way to introduce customers to new products. Unlike sampler kits, you can include assorted full-size products in starter kits.

Themes are a great starting place when building a kit. If there is an upcoming holiday, season, or even a local event you can make a themed kit. Consider table centerpiece kits for Thanksgiving. Handmade gift kits for Christmas, Mother’s/Father’s Day, or just because. Projects for the garden or kits meant to be family activities.

Decide what kind of instructions your kit will include. If your kit is meant to be a step-by-step project then be sure to include the instructions or a link to a video that customers can follow along. If you are creating a pairing kit, then include instructions on how to use each product and perhaps a few inspirational photos.

Not sure where to start and need a few ideas? Check out the kits we put together for our last few workshops and add your own twist!

Re-Design with Prima Tissue boxes #230081
Distressed deco decoupage #652296
Tranquil Decoupage #655693
Matte Decoupage Gel #652425
Charcoal Black Finnabair Wax #967901
White Gold Finnabair Wax #964016
Etruscan Accents Decor Moulds #636456

In Bloom Decor Mould #635732
Decor Transfers® – Morning Purple
Decor Transfers® – Woodland Floral
Gold Leaf Sheets #660840
Gilding Glue #968809
Finnabair Paintbrushes #963843
Finnabair Large Dabbing Brush 965204
Vintage Gold Decor Wax 963958

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