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Re·Design with Prima®

Check Out What’s New From Cece Restyled!

We have four fresh new designs from Cece in this release. One Decoupage paper and three new transfers. If you love her furniture designs, here is your chance to bring her style to your own projects!

When you think of CeCe ReStyled® what do you envision? Colorful, unique designs filled with gorgeous, eclectic patterns, and lots of energy! Each new Décor Transfer® is truly unique! From “Hey, Sailor” to “Sweet Dreaming” and “Fleur Noir”…look for highly detailed, fun-filled designs that will make your projects stand out above the crowd!

Decoupage Tissue Paper

Love Letters #655044

Decoupage Decor Tissue Paper - Love Letters - 1 sheet, 19"x30"

Decor Transfers

Fleur Noir #655051

Decor Transfers® CeCe - Fleur Noir - total sheet size 24"x35", cut into 2 sheets

Hey Sailor #655068

Decor Transfers® CeCe - Hey Sailor - total sheet size 24"x35", cut into 2 sheets

Sweet Dreaming #655778

Decor Transfers® CeCe - Sweet Dreaming - total sheet size 24"x35", cut into 2 sheets

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