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Decorating a Trinket Tray

A trinket tray is an easy project for artists of all ages and skill levels. This project is beginner friendly and a good family project that even the kids can help with. If you are looking for a thoughtful handmade gift for this Valentine’s day or another occasion then a trinket tray is a great choice. It can be used for

You will need:
A small tray
Paint in the color of your choice
Stick N Style Stencil (we used Modern Damask #654337)
Decor Wax in the colors of your choice
Dabbing Brush

Step 1
Paint the tray. We used black to create a more dramatic look with the decor wax but you can use whatever color you like the most. Let the paint dry completely.

Step 2
Unroll the stencil and cut the amount you will need for your tray. Press the stencil down. We used Modern Demask and centered the design. Stick n Style is perfect for creating a very crisp design as the adhesive prevents wax or paint from bleeding underneath the stencil.

Step 3
Squeeze a small amount of wax onto a paper plate or palette. Using a dabbing brush, supply the wax to the stencil. You can use a single color or blend as many colors as you want. We used six colors, Constellation #651855, Gravity #633516, Galactic Halo #651879, Ursa Green #651824, Cosmic Ray Gold #651862, and Corona Copper #651848 to create a rainbow effect.

Step 4
Carefully remove the stencil. You can add more to the tray such as moulds or other designs or if you are happy with the design, let the wax cure and add a top coat to seal and it is ready for use.

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