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Decoupage with Redesign

Did you know there are multiple types of decoupage paper and here at Redesign with Prima, we have four different kinds in different sizes each with their own benefits and all of them are just beautiful. The hardest part will be choosing the right one for your next project!

First up we have a classic decoupage type paper: Finnabair Tissue Paper

Finnabair tissue paper is thin and papery, much like the tissue paper you might find for gift wrapping. This is a traditional decoupage paper. Perfect for small projects or for creating layers. This paper is designed to tear easily by hand to create edges that are just right for blending. For this type of paper, a little goes a long way when it comes to your adhesive medium of choice. Too much and this paper can tear. Since it is a thinner paper it does wrinkle which is perfect for a distressed look. Placement can be a little trickier as moving it without tearing once you’ve placed it requires more care. Finnabair tissue paper comes in sets of 6 and are 70cm x 50cm or 19.7in x27.5in. There are 13 designs to choose all with a vintage feel!

Next up we have the innovative Redesign Decoupage Décor Tissue Paper!

This type of paper is machine-made with a fibrous texture. It feels more like cloth than paper. It is tear-resistant and thicker which allows for easier usage and placement as well as longer durability. The ink goes all the way through and is equally vibrant on both sides. Perfectly opaque where the designs are dark and yet see-through on the lighter areas to allow plenty of the background to blend though. Our older designs come in two sheets which allow for easier placement as it allows you to work with a smaller section at a time with no creases. Our newest designs are all on one sheet. Designed for use on furniture it is a very forgiving material that goes on with few wrinkles. They are 48.25cm x 76.2cm or 19in x 30in and come in 49 different designs!

Décor RicePaper:

Decor Rise Paper are smaller sheets designed specifically for smaller projects such as jewelry boxes. These sheets are thicker than tissue paper yet thin enough to maintain the traditional decoupage feel of paper. Made out of Mulberry rice paper it is durable and easy to work with. Easy enough to cut or altered and blend onto furniture. Wrinkles are minimal but still present in all but the most careful of applications. Designs are just transparent enough to let some of the background shine though depending on the light or darkness of the background. Designs are on one side and the papers are 29.2cm x 41.25cm or 11.5in x 16.25in and come in 12 different styles.

A1 Decoupage Rice Paper

Our newest Decoupage Rice paper is in the same family as our smaller rice paper but designed for larger furniture pieces. Made out of fibrous mulberry this specialty sheet has a design that goes all the way through the paper giving you two options for application, the bright and vibrant front and a muted almost watercolor effect on the back. Despite its large size, it is very easy to apply. It is durable and forgiving, allowing you to move and adjust it during application. This type of paper is the best choice for surfaces with lots of curves and details as it goes over them with ease. Virtually wrinkle-free as it can be smoothed out without fear of tearing the way thinner paper will. However, for those who like the distressed look wrinkles add, this paper gives you complete control. This is the perfect choice for beginners wanting to get their hands on a large project but are not sure where to begin. These designs are rich in color and texture giving the illusion of brush strokes and the paper is thick and durable to touch leaving matte or glossy finish depending on your medium of choice. These sheets are 59.5cm x 84cm or 23.4in x 33.1in and we have Artisan designs to choose from.

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