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Re·Design with Prima®

DIY Holiday Gift Ideas

‘Tis the season for giving all your loved one’s gifts. What better way to show you care than a handmade gift? We have a number of gift ideas for artists of all ages. Not only are these the perfect gift for grandparents but they also make excellent family activities.

DIY Wood Decor

“Did you know you can create fake snow and Ice with glass bead gel and 3d fiber paste? Now you do!” -Roz

Do you have woodworking experience? No? Never fear, unfinished holiday-themed wooden decor can be found everywhere this time of year from the dollar store to dedicated craft stores. These unfinished wooden holiday decorations are the perfect blank canvas. Add Chalk paste, Decour Moulds, Decor transfers ect to make something unique. Roz used Middy Decor Transfer Winterberry #659998, Glass bead Gel #655617, and the Snowflake Decor Mould #654764.

Redesign Glass Bead Gel - 1 jar, 236ml

Flameless Candle Display

Dress up flameless candles with decor transfers. Choose one of our holiday-themed small or Middy transfer packs, cut out the designs you want, and rub the design onto your candle.

This mantel display, made by Roz of New old Finds uses flameless candles of various sizes, the Holiday Spirit Small Decor Transfer #655891, and cute little trees. Isn’t it so cute!

Custom Christmas Baubles

Baubles are an easy and inexpensive craft. They come in a variety of materials, including glass, metal, and plastic, as well as a variety of sizes and shapes. You can paint, add transfers, moulds, or even decoupage.

Redesign Chalk Paste® 1.69fl.oz (50ml) - Lark Green

Napkin Rings

A fancy Holiday Dinner is not complete without some decorative tablescape. You can easily make napkin rings using the Louelle Borders Decor Mould #654665 and moulding clay. First, add the clay to the mould. Before it can dry, pull the casting out and gently form it into a circle. Let dry for 24 hours. Once dry, add Metallic Sheen Acrylic in Goldenrod or Brushed Champagne. You can even add Decor Wax to make some of the details pop!

Redesign Acrylic Paint Metallic Sheen - Goldenrod - 1 jar, 100 ml (3.4 fl oz)
Redesign Wax Paste - Polaris - 1 tube, 50ml

Decor Mould Ornaments

The amazing thing about Redesign Decour Moulds is that you don’t even need to add them to anything to create an amazing gift. Nearly all our designs can be turned into stand-alone ornaments perfect for decorating your tree, mantel, windows, wreaths, or any other place that needs a little bit of holiday cheer. You can use quick-set resin or air-dry clay. Then add paint, decor wax, or Metallic Acrylic Sheen.

There are two ways you can add string if you plan to hang your ornaments. First, you can glue the string to the back of the mould once it is dry. The second option is to add the string to the casting before it has solidified.

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