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  1. Layout your transfer onto your canvas. Cut out the flowers and center them to the canvas. Remove the protective sheet and apply it onto your canvas with a Transfer tool. Line up the pieces as the transfer comes in separate sheets for easier application.
  2. Begin adding Raspberry Pink paint in the outline edge of the design. Mix a little bit of linen and Raspberry pink to create a background around the design.
  3. Add some Wild Iris paint in between the flowers and leaves to create contrast. Take some Cobalt, and add it to the top of the design adding a little bit of linen to diffuse it into the background.
  4. Add Aubergine Paint in between to create more contrast, and add details to the leaves and flowers with a smaller brush.

Note: For best results we recommend priming the canvas with Gesso and sealing your finished piece with a clear coat sealant.

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