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How to create a Faux Earthenware Look with Chalk Paste

In this tutorial, Gracie will show you how to create faux earthenware look. Earthenware is typically pottery that is fired at a lower temperature compared to porcelain. It is slightly more porous and often has a rough texture. We are recreating a look that will mimic an antique clay jug. This method can be used with a variety of decor objects, not just jugs, so try it out on pots, bowls, and other decor pieces and share your results with us on Facebook or Instagram!

You will need the following:
Wax Brush
3 Dabbing Brushes (One per color)
Chalk Paste Cocoa
Chalk Paste Manor Coffee
Chalk Paste Iron Gate
Sandpaper 400+ grit
Finishing wax of choice

Step 1
Load up your brush with the Chalk Paste in Cocoa and dab it onto the jug randomly. You’ll want to create texture rather than trying to create a smooth layer.

Step 2
Alternate with the Chalk Paste in Manor Coffee. Go back and further between the two colors dabbing them on randomly and blending where the colors meet. Allow the first layer to dry.

Step 3
Using the same method as before, Add Chalk Paste in Iron Gate. Alternate between the three colors to create depth and fill in any spots that were missed on the first layer, blending as you go.

Step 4
Once you are satisfied with the coverage and the paste has dried completely, sand lightly with a high grit sandpaper, at least 400+. You are not trying to make the piece smooth but rather reveal some more of the texture and color. Brush off the dust with a soft, clean, dry, brush.

Step 5
Apply a clear wax if choice with a wax brush to seal your project. Once the wax has cured, your faux earthenware is ready to be shown off!

Re Design Wax brush 1″ #634940 Art Basics – Large Dabbing Brush #965204 Redesign Chalk Paste – Cocoa #651756 Redesign Chalk Paste – Manor Coffee #651725 Redesign Chalk Paste – Iron Gate #635312

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