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Its All in the Moulds

Decore moulds are an easy way to add intricate details to your next design project. They are simple to use with a wide range of mediums to choose from. The material you use will greatly affect the outcome of your mould so we’ve compiled a few tips for using the most popular mediums.

Paper clay is an easy medium to work with. Simply press into the mould and then gently remove. You can also let it dry in the mould. The clay will shrink slightly once dry so removal will be easy however removing the clay before it has dried will allow you to bend the mould over curves and other irregular surfaces. Paper clay is prone to cracking. If cracks appear wait until it is fully dry before filling in with more clay. You can also leave the cracks to create a more rustic or distressed look. Drying time typically takes about a day but can be longer or shorter depending on humidity.

Resin/Epoxy will capture the best details. Risin creates the best look but has a bit of a learning curve. Most resins come in two parts that you must mix together. You must follow the directions exactly when mixing the parts together. A little bit too much of either Part A or B, or not mixing thoroughly enough can prevent your mould from curing. This can leave a residue that is difficult to come off and may ruin your mould. Once the resin has been mixed, you’ll have about 10 minutes of working time so it is a good idea to work in small batches. Resin should only be used in a well-ventilated area with the proper safety equipment such as gloves and a mask. You’ll need to wait the full curing time before removing the mould. Clear resin typically takes 24 hours to cure while a quick set takes only a few minutes but cures white.

Hot Glue is a popular medium. I don’t think there is a single crafter who doesn’t have hot glue sticks in their stash of supplies. For small moulds, a standard hot glue gun should be sufficient but with larger moulds a high heat glue gun is recommended. For this method, you’d simply fill the mould with glue, starting with small details and tight crevasses first, and then remove. Curing time is pretty quick so you’ll have to move fast with this method.

Our moulds are food-safe and can withstand temperatures up to 500F. If you decide to use your moulds for food remember to keep them separate from your crafting moulds. One of our favourite food items to put in moulds is chocolate. Simply add melted chocolate, wait until it hardens and then remove. A quick and easy gift that almost looks too good to eat.

Don’t be afraid to combine moulds to create your own creations. A good strong wood glue or gorilla glue works really well for keeping your moulds secure. Check out the video below for five different ways to combine the Forest Treasures Mould into different looking flowers. Which one is your favourite?

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