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Re·Design with Prima®

January 2024 Release

We’re kicking off the new year with a bang – our first release is officially here! We’re bubbling with excitement as we reveal not one, not two, but three incredible coordinating collections. Each collection is a burst of inspiration, featuring Décor transfers, Decor moulds, Decoupage Paper, and more. The best part? Mix and match within a theme to unlock endless creative possibilities!

But wait, there’s more! This release isn’t holding back. We’re introducing new Mica Powder and Pigment Powder, an alterable vase that’s a true game-changer, and decoupage paper that’ll elevate your projects to new heights.

And hold on tight because Cece Restyled is back, and she’s not just making an entrance – she’s making a statement. Bringing forth not only a breathtaking coordinating collection in her signature whimsical style but also an impressive array of dazzling new products! Get ready for a creative journey that promises jaw-dropping designs and exciting innovations at every turn.

Get ready to be wowed by Cece’s latest creations! Bursting with fresh energy, she’s unveiling a brand new collection “Siamese Splendor” in her signature style, and three fantastic new products! Picture this: Glaze, the secret sauce to amp up the dimension in your projects; a Gilding pen for those super fine details, and custom knob molds for that extra touch. Cece’s bringing the fun and flair, and these new goodies are the real game-changers!

Check Out Cece’s Designs Here!

Hold onto your hats, folks, because “Cerulean Blooms” has officially arrived to sweep you off your feet! This collection is not just a collection; it’s a journey through the enchanting world of a serene floral garden, decked out in the most gorgeous blues you’ve ever seen! Feast your eyes on the treasures within – two jaw-dropping Decor Transfers® in different sizes, two divine Decoupage Papers, a show-stopping Decor Stencil®, and a downright fabulous floral Decor Mould®.

See the Cerulean Blooms Collection Here

Experience the serenity of farm life right in your home. Embrace the enduring rustic charm of the countryside with our Farmhouse collection.This delightful assortment features a curated selection of Decor Transfers, Decoupage paper, Decor Moulds, and more – all adorned with charming cow motifs, enduring patterns, and embellished with greenery and fresh florals that effortlessly evoke the imagery of a homestead amidst open meadows. Let this collection be the key to transforming your space, infusing it with the warm, inviting essence of rural living.

Come Join Us on the Farm Here

Lets take a walk though the picturesque landscapes of the French countryside with “The Grand Chateau” collection. Inspired by the rich tapestry of lush blooms, historical artwork, and the awe-inspiring architecture of France, this collection is your ticket to creating projects of unparalleled elegance. Imagine infusing the charm of French aesthetics into your creations, turning ordinary pieces into extraordinary works of art. This splendid collection is a treasure trove of creative possibilities. Dive in, and you’ll discover an array of options – from Decor Transfers that tell stories of bygone eras to Decoupage paper that whispers the essence of French elegance. Not to forget the Decor Stencil that bring a touch of finesse to your projects. And if you’re looking to add some three-dimensional flair, we’re unveiling eight new Decor Moulds that are nothing short of spectacular. Elevate your projects to new heights of sophistication and let the artistic spirit of the French countryside inspire your every creation.

Click here to be inspired by the beauty of France

Unleash the creative potential of Mica and Pigment powders beyond the traditional craft realm – did you know they can work wonders on your furniture too? This release feature four sets of powders each with six coordination colors. Whether you’re drawn to bright and vibrant hues, metallic sheens, or prefer a touch of dark and moody elegance, we’ve got a collection that suits your style. It’s like having a palette of endless possibilities right at your fingertips, ready to infuse that perfect touch of brilliance into your furniture pieces.

Click here to find your favorite

This alterable Ceramic Bisque Vase is ideal for those charming small projects, and it doubles as the perfect gift! With Valentine’s Day, Easter, and Mother’s Day just around the corner, this vase serves as the ideal foundation for creating heartfelt homemade gifts or engaging projects with the little ones. Make memories and share the love with a personalized touch!

Ceramic Bisque Vase

Remember that fabulous decoupage fiber tissue paper you could only snag at select retailers? Well, hold onto your crafty hats because now even more retailers are stocking up on them! If you missed out on your favorite, no worries – check with your go-to retailer and see if they’ve got it back in stock. Dive into a world of beautiful designs and make your creative dreams come true!

Click Here to see a Plethora of Tantalizing Designs

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