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Re·Design with Prima®

July 2023 Collection: Dahlia Forever

Introducing the “Dahlia Forever” DIY collection, where timeless elegance meets floral inspiration. This thoughtfully coordinated collection offers everything you need to infuse your projects with the beauty of dahlias: two different-sized Décor Transfers®, a Décor Mould, Découpage Paper, and a detailed, high-quality stencil!

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Dahlia Forever #665289

Décor Transfer

My Favorite Dahlia #665296

Maxi Transfer

Our exquisite floral transfers are the heart of this collection. Featuring delicate dahlias in full bloom, these Décor Transfers® can be easily applied to a variety of surfaces, allowing you to adorn furniture, home decor, or even fashion accessories, with the charm of these stunning flowers.

Discovering Dahlias #665302

Decoupage Décor Tissue Paper

Complementing the transfers, our decoupage paper features captivating dahlia patterns and coordinating designs. Use it to enhance your decoupage projects, create stunning backgrounds, or add intricate details to your crafts.

Dahlia Garden #665326

Décor Stencils

Featuring a dahlia flower and greenery, this high-quality mylar stencil will allow you to effortlessly incorporate intricate designs onto any surface. Use them with paints, texture pastes, or other mediums with our Roller Set, Spread Pal, Scraper Tool, or Wax Brushes, to bring your vision to life.

Sweet Dahlia #665319

Décor Moulds

To elevate your projects further, we’ve included a stunning new Décor Mould® which allows you to make your own castings inexpensively. With its intricate floral dahlia and leaf design, this mould is perfect for creating detailed embellishments, accents, or even stand alone decor pieces. Use it with various moldable materials such as clay, resin, or plaster to add depth and texture to your creations.(Oven safe and food safe.) For those seeking additional decorative possibilities, our Décor Stencil® will be your go-to tool.

With the “Dahlia Forever” DIY collection, you’ll have a cohesive range of floral products at your fingertips. Let the beauty of dahlias inspire your creativity and transform your projects into everlasting masterpieces. Happy crafting with the “Dahlia Forever” collection!

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