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Re·Design with Prima®

Mirror, Mirror on the wall…

Or on a pretty little accent table too! This is quite a transformation of this original piece, greatly enhanced by the artistic placement of decor mould flora gilded in silver wax. the lovely new glass knobs provide a perfect finishing touch to a “shinning star” piece.

Project by: Crystin Min

Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who is the fairest one of all?

I’ve been eyeing the latest trend of mirror furniture for some time and contemplating what I can do to it. It’s bit too cold and sterile for me but there is something about the mirrors that draws me in. I decided to keep it modern and the mirrors were actually lovely the way they were so I just enhanced the body of it and made it more feminine with detail to break up the flatness. I added my current favorite moulds from redesign: Winter Blossoms and Forest Flora. I did a trailing branch design across the front and gilded the trim with redesign decor wax: shiny star. It was an ugly rusty, faded gold color originally. I also used the wax for the moulding. I replaced the cheap plastic crystal knobs with glass rose ones. I love the elegance of this accent table now that it has more detail.

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