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Re·Design with Prima®

New From Redesign Fall Part 3!

Fall Part 3 is here! Say hello to a few NEW Redesign products! From a new Polishing Pad and Brayer, to amazing new Holiday Décor Moulds, CeCe ReStyled® Stick & Style Stencil Rolls, Small Décor Transfers® and Décor Inks in glamourous pastel and metallic colors (along with a few other lovelies), you will TRULY enjoy holiday project making with Redesign!

Decor Transfers

Under Construction #656089

Watercolor Lush #656058

Doodle Flowers #656034

Lemon #656003

Boho Critter #655990

Greenery House #655983

Amazing Sea Life #655945


Hello, Holiday Décor Moulds®!!! We are pulling out all of the stops with FOUR, gorgeous new mould designs! From Snowflake Jewels to Perfect Poinsettias, Glorious Tree to Louelle Borders, just picture these beauties on your holiday and winter projects! (As always all Decor Moulds are food-safe and oven-safe! as well!)

Snowflake Jewels #654764

Perfect Poinsettia #654740

Glorious Tree #654733

Louelle Borders #654665

New Ink Colors

Discover Redesign With Prima Decor Ink Pads, a home decor marvel, our inks have a variety of properties that will enhance your home decor, making it easier to create amazing pieces with stamped images. Our ink offers a hybrid formula that is between a dye ink and a pigment ink, offering a variety of applications. Now available in four NEW colors: Pale Gold, Silver, Paris Blue, and Rose Beige! Each new Ink Set includes a magnetic base, dry ink pad, and bottle of ink!

Paris Blue #655488

Silver #655471

Rose Beige #655464

Pale Gold #655457

Stick n Style Stencils

CeCe ReStyled® is back with four new Stick & Style Stencil Roll designs! Trendy and functional: Mendhi Border, Damask Flourish, Classic Lace, and Modern Damask are simply gorgeous and so easy to use! Apply the Stick and Style Stencil to any surface. Roll or dab your favorite medium on top. Peel up the stencil and toss or reuse. With it’s sticky backing, inks, paints, and pastes will not seep through the Stick & Style designs, providing flawless, crisp lines!

Mendhi Border #655082

Damask Flourish #655075

Modern Damask #654337

Classic Lace #654320

New Tools!

Rubber Brayer #655600

A small hand roller, our new brayer may be used to ink Décor Stamps, as well as to produce decorative results on surfaces. Brayers are also used to apply a thin layer of ink, paint, or paste to any surface, or help smooth out surfaces when applying decoupage and rice papers.

Polishing Pad #655860

MEET YOUR NEW BFF!! Let’s buff! Let’s burnish! Let’s polish! Let’s finish those Décor Transfers® perfectly! Together! Redesign’s new Polishing Pad is the perfect tool to add the right finishing touch to all Decor Transfer® projects by buffing out air bubbles and halos, creating a better adhesion, and providing you with beautiful results!

Be sure to keep an eye out on all our social media for even more amazing projects from our talented Brand Ambassadors and Content Creators!

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