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New Year, New Cece ReStyled – January 2024 Collection

Cece is starting the year off right! We’ve got a trio of brand-new products to elevate your creative game. First in line, Glazes – the go-to medium for injecting character into your projects. Following closely is the Gilding Marker, perfect for those impeccable finishing touches. And if you’re into adding a custom and budget-friendly touch, we’ve got you covered with four different Knob Moulds.

And of course we can’t forget the “Siamese Splendor” Collection – a delightful fusion of whimsy and elegance. This collection comes with a coordinating Decor Transfer, Decor Tissue Paper, and not one but two Decor Moulds. Get ready to let your creativity run wild with this splendid lineup!

For precision like no other, grab the Gilding Marker. Unlike wax or paint, it ensures a consistently flawless application. Whether you’re aiming for fine, thin lines or bold strokes, this marker has got you covered. Its opaque coverage makes it a star even on the darkest surfaces, ensuring a radiant shine every time.


What is a Glaze? It’s like the magic touch for your furniture! A glaze is a semi transparent layer of color meant to modify or enhance the color underneath. But that’s not all – glaze brings the vintage charm, making your furniture look like it’s got some tales to tell. To bring out all those spectacular details, just brush on a thin layer, wipe off (or leave it for an even extra oomph) and voila – your piece is transformed!

Now, here’s the cool part about glazes – when paired with Decor Wax, they’re like the dynamic duo of furniture transformation. Dry brushing Decor Wax will add a splash of color to the surface of your piece, making those details pop like never before. Then, adding a layer of Glaze creates shadows and dimensions to the crevices and divots of a piece that turn your piece into a bona fide work of art. Pair Cece’s new Glazes with Redesign Decor Wax and create show stopping magic in your home decor.

“Filter Noir” adds a touch of vintage vibes to any piece. Smooth on a thin layer, and watch the magic happen – suddenly, your details are stealing the spotlight! This glaze is like a stylist for your furniture, making everything pop and stand out. Who knew age could look this good?

Craving a hint of glitz and glam without diving into the bright, shiny gold territory? Enter “Tiger’s Eye,” your ticket to an aged gold aesthetic for your furniture. This Glaze strikes the perfect balance – opaque enough to infuse a touch of gold shine, yet transparent enough to allow the base color to peek through without overpowering the piece. This gold looks positively stunning over dark colors. Paint on a layer, remove the excess, and witness the stunning transformation unfold. “Tiger’s Eye” is your golden secret for adding sophistication with a timeless, aged allure.

You know how metals and surfaces get that cool, weathered look over time? That’s the patina magic we’re talking about – that unique greenish or brownish layer that adds character. If you are a fan of a patina effect then you need “Mint Condition”. Use it to sprinkle a bit of age and character onto your home decor, and watch the magic unfold!

Transform the way you select hardware for your upcoming projects with Knob Moulds. These molds usher in a revolution by offering customization and reusability, making them an economical choice. Say goodbye to the search for that elusive, precisely colored knob – now, you can craft your own matching set effortlessly. Ideal for achieving a cohesive aesthetic across all your hardware, these Knob Moulds open the door to creativity. Utilize mica powder, ink, glitter, gold flakes, and more with resin to bring your unique knob designs to life. Your hardware, your style, your way!

Dive into a serene sea of tranquility infused with Cece’s whimsical touch, through the enchanting “Siamese Splendor” collection. Delight in the company of charming koi fish motifs gracefully swimming amidst beautiful lilies that adorn this exquisite collection. Let your creativity flow as you mix and match each piece, crafting a charming look that captures the essence of this splendid collection.

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