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We are Redesign With Prima®, a worldwide, renowned manufacturer of Home Decor products, created to make redesigning your living space easy and effortless.

Our unique products will help elevate your store to the next level with a wonderful variety of new and exciting designs that work perfectly with most paint lines: 

  • Decor Transfers®
  • Decor Moulds®
  • Decor Stamps®
  • Décor Decoupage
  • and so much more! 

Add a few of these Redesign products to your store’s inventory and watch your selling market expand instantly!

As a woman-owned business, we are committed to inspiring all people, worldwide, to create a beautiful home. Each day, we are driven to innovate and inspire thousands of loyal customers with our commitment to our industry, and our continued expansion into new and unique products.

  • Accessible sales contacts to help establish a caring, one-on-one relationship, providing the tools needed to get your business going.
  • Frequent Retailer Zoom/Lives to address marketing ideas, sales promotions, new products, etc. with sales and marketing managers/staff in attendance.
  • Multiple new product releases per year, allowing you to carry a wider variety of cutting-edge accessories for furniture artists.
  • The widest range of Décor Transfers, in four sizes to fit every budget (Small, Middy, Large, X-Large)
  • The widest range of Décor Moulds in multiple sizes and themes.
  • A large assortment of Découpage Papers, Décor Stamps and Inks, tools, and more!
  • Fabulous marketing materials for retailers to use on any media, including reels, videos, lives, projects, digital how-to sheets, and more.
  • Promotional discount based on sale purchases
  • A dedicated Brand Ambassador Team, Content Creator Team , and some of the world’s best Influencers, all creating projects, tutorials, Reels, Videos, and more for you to use!
  • We enforce MAP policy so we don’t have price wars. 
Do I qualify for a retailer account?

To be eligible for a retailer account, you must have an online store and/or a brick-and-mortar store. Authorized booths may also qualify.

We require a business license, and Tax ID information upon registration, to help verify your business.

As part of the registration process, we do require that you provide accurate, current, and complete information. We also require that you update such information as necessary to ensure that it remains accurate, current, and complete.

Please note that failure to comply with these requirements may constitute a breach of our Terms. In the event that any accounts are found to be in violation of such Terms, Redesign with Prima® reserves the right to deactivate or take other remedial action on any account not following our rules.

I want to be a Redesign Retailer! What do I do now?

Wonderful! We would love to chat with you! 

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