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Re·Design with Prima®

Redesign Fall

While it may still be quite hot here in California, that doesn’t stop us from celebrating fall. Crunchy leaves, pumpkin carvings, and all the flavors of fall can still be enjoyed even when the weather is still just a tad bit too hot. Since our trees haven’t started to lose their leaves yet we’ll just have to bring all the fall feeling inside with our Fall themed decor transfers. Check out our newest fall favorites: Classic Peach #660031, Fall Festive #660086, Crunchy Leaves #660116, and Dried Wildflowers #660154!

Project from Megan Redden of Lubbly Jubbly Furniture 

Products Used: #660154 Dried Wild Flowers

Project from Vilma Hernandez of Renovelle a Sense of Renewal

Products Used: # 660154 Dried Fall Flowers #660086 Fall Festive #632397 Decor Moulds #637156 Italian accents #635725 Baroque Swirls #633462 Decor wax Eternal

Project by Nicci Cochrane of Gracie’s House

Products Used: Classic Peach Middy Transfer #660031

Project from Bozena Maxwell of Bozenka Art

Products used: New middy decor transfer “Dried Wild Flowers ”  – 660154; Stick &Style stencil „Mendhi Border” – 655082; Chalk paste „Russet” – 651763

 Project from Bozena Maxwell of Bozenka Art

Products used: New middy decor transfer “Classic Peach”  – 660031

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