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Re·Design with Prima®

Redesign Mirrors

Did you know there are two ways to Redesign a mirror? The first way is to focus on the frame. Adding transfers, moulds, stencils, and wax can create the perfect frame for a mirror making a functional piece beautiful. The second way is to focus on the glass. Since you can use transfers on glass some designers use the mirror itself as their canvas and turn it into beautiful wall art.

Olga of Olga Kulavskaya created this beautiful piece using transfers, moulds, and stencils, focusing only on the frame.

Products Used:

Products Used :DECOR TRANSFERS® – PURE LIGHT FLORAL — SKU – 655350649937DECOR TRANSFERS® – MUSIC & THE BUTTERFLIES — SKU – 655350640811Finnabair Art Alchemy Metallique Wax Bronze Age — SKU — 655350964023Finnabair Art Alchemy Metallique Wax White Gold — SKU — 655350964016Finnabair Art Alchemy Metallique Wax White Pearl — SKU — 655350968380Mould Aviary — SKU — 655350647476Mould Avian Love — SKU — 655350650438 Clear Cling Stamps Imperial Crackle — SKU — 655350650094Decor Ink — Pad SKU — 655350651329

Darek of The Grandson’s Brush used a few different transfers on the mirror itself to create this beautiful piece of wall art. The Gilded Wall transfer creates a distressed look.

Products Used : Midnight Floral Transfer – 643775, Distressed Gilded Wall Transfer, Light & Flowers Maisie & Willow Transfer – 640705, Eternal Decor Wax – 633462

Amini of Amini Design Ashburn also focused on the mirror, layering both transfers and moulds for a beautiful showstopper.

Products used: Decor Mould- Fragrant RosesSKU: 655350644901, Decor Wax in EternalSKU: 655350633462, Art Alchemy Wax in Rose GoldSKU: 655350963972, Decor Transfer – Flower Collector SKU: 655350646448, Decor Transfer – Lush Floral 1655350644215

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