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Re·Design with Prima®

Redesign Summer 2022 Cece Restyled

We are always awed at what Cece creates! She has such a unique style and we are so happy that we can bring a little bit of Cece’s artistic style to everyone!

“It’s a fact that inspiration can come from anywhere… sometimes when we least expect it. But other times, we know exactly where to find it.  I knew exactly where I was taking the product designs for the Summer Release release of products in my designer line by Redesign with Prima.  It’s very much inspired by my lifelong love for, and affinity towards, the textile arts.  Patterns and colors in spades, as we see in fashion and home decor are what excites my creativity with it’s endless possibilities for color harmonies and pleasing pattern combinations.  

Whether ‘classic’ or ‘trending’ in design these elements are typically found in quilts, rugs, curtains, wallpaper, our apparel and accessories like scarves and handbags just to name a few.  I’ve been enjoying playing with visual ‘tactile’ textures in my furniture art…such as denim, linen, lace and even the ‘bling’ such as buttons and rhinestones.  

With the ability to add elements such as Decor Transfers® and Decor Moulds® in the likeness of jewelry with precious metal ‘chain’, faceted ‘gemstones’ and delicate ‘lace’, your furniture art can easily become mixed media art and inspire you to new possibilities in your creative DIY journey!”


Divine In Denim #658960

Stately & Stylish #658984

Fashion and Florals #659891

Gems & Chains #657086

Tassel Fringe #657093

Cece Lace II #659004

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