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Re·Design with Prima®

Stencil it to Perfection!

In our last post about stencils, we talked about the basics. Now that you have the basics down, it is time to try your hand at another creative technique. Click here to read up on basic stenciling tips!

Raised Designs

Modern Moroccan #659189

Using 3D Stencil Paste or another thick medium like fiber paste you can create a beautiful raised design on your furniture. You can use the same color as the base to create a very subtle look or make it dramatic by using a differnt color.

Elegant Lace Stencil #652685

Step 1: Prepare the surface to be stenciled. Wait until the base paint has fully dried before placing the stencil.

Step 2: Using a spray adhesive for a crisp design, or secure with painter’s tape for a more distressed look, place the stencil onto the surface.

Step 3: Use a Spread Pal and spread an even layer of 3D Stencil Paste over the stencil.

Step 4: Carefully pull the stencil straight off being careful to pull it straight up as to not smear the paste.

Step 5: Clean up any seepage and wait for the Paste to dry.

Step 6: Paint over with the desired color or use a Decor Wax and make the design pop!

Layering Designs:

Boho Vibes #656607

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