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Re·Design with Prima®

Stenciling Tips

Stenciling is an easy way to add cool patterns, designs, and details to any project big or small. Here at Redesign, we have everything from large furniture stencils to small intricate stencils, to self-adhesive stick n style stencils and everything in between. You’ll be sure to find the perfect size and design!

Here are some tips for your next Stenciling project!

  • Make sure your surface is ready. Clean and scuff sand (just enough to give your paint something to hold on to) your surfaces to prepare for painting then paint in the base color of your choice. Be sure to make sure each layer of paint is dry before placing your stencil down. Your patience will be rewarded!
  • If you want the stencil pattern to go over multiple surfaces, be sure to line them up before securing the stencil. Make marks as needed to keep your design lined up over all surfaces.
  • Give the back of the stencil an even coat of spray adhesive to keep it in place while applying your paint as well as to prevent any seepage. You can also use painter’s tape to keep the stencil from moving. Our Stick n Style stencils are already adhesive and can be used multiple times without losing their adhesions.
  • When applying paint there are a few tools that work well. Our favorite for larger pieces  is the Redesign with Prima Foam Roller. It holds a good amount of paint without becoming over-saturated  which prevents seepage and applies an even coat. Other options include Dabbing brushes. This option is the best when working with wax. A foam brush or paintbrush also works well just be sure to not overload your brush.
  • When removing your stencil, pull straight up to prevent smearing your paint.
  • Did you make a mistake? Never fear, with a quick response most mistakes can be easily remedied. Little spots of seepage can be touched up with a small brush. Wet paint can be wiped away with a damp cloth and a fresh coat of base paint can get your project back to square one. Even the “worst-case scenarios” can be fixed with a quick sanding and coat of paint.
  • Did you know you can use mediums other than paint? Try decor wax for some glam or if you want a bit of texture a thick layer of chalk paste can create a raised design.
  • To protect your design seal with your favorite top coat

Project from New Old Finds

Project from Apple Blossom Way

Project from Renovelle by Vilma

Project from Apple Blossom Way

Project from Drab 2 Fab

Project from Shabby Chic & Co

We’d love to see what you create with stencils, share your creations on our social media!

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