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Three Tree Centerpiece

Do you need a quick centerpiece for your table this holiday? This beautiful centerpiece or mental decor is a quick project and can be customized depending on what colors you choose to use and which transfer you add. This project is from Casa Mia

For this project Casa Mia used:

3 triangle wood planks in the following size

  • 1  pc 2” 1/2 x 8” 
  • 1 pc 5” x 7” 1/2 
  • 1 pc  6” x 10” 

1 pc 2”x 12” wood plank 

2 small pine cones (optional) 

1 reindeer cardboard cutout

1 jute rope 

Wood glue 

Acrylic paint in 3 different green tones

Decor Transfer (Holiday Spirit #655891)

Gold Acrylic paint (Art Alchemy Metalllique Acrylic paint Ancient Gold #963057) 

Redesign Metallic Sheen Acrylic Brushed Champagne #651978

Finnabair Soft Gloss Gel #961435

1. Paint the triangles in your chosen color.

2. Paint the base, Casa Mia used the Metallic Sheen Acryical in Brushed Champaign

3. Once the paint fully dries, burnish your chosen transfer designs onto the triangles.

4. Use Finnabair Soft Gloss Gel to give it a satin finish.

5. Glue the triangles to the base

6. Tie the jute string into a bow and glue the bow and pinecones to the center triangle.

7. Add a bow to the reindeer and glue it to the front.

And there you have it, an adorable centerpiece or mental decoration.

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