Medium Comparison with 3D Stencils
Color Your Decor Transfers™
Decor Transfers™ on Faux Leather Bag
Create custom Knobs with Decor Moulds™
Creative Stenciling
Decor Wax Color Comparison
Custom Foiling with Adhesive Transfers
More DIY Decor Mould Configurations
Custom Designs with Moulds-101
Using Chalk Paste with Stencils
DIY Wall Art with Decor Moulds™
Redesign and Dixie Belle Workshop Video
DIY Floral Bucket using Decor Moulds™
Create Custom Designs with Moulds
Adding Transfers to Fabric
Prima Dresser with Mark Montano
Decor Transfer™ Hack
New Brushes!
3D Stencils with Chalk Pastes®
Stick and Style Stencil Roll Tips and Techniques
Masking Technique with Decor Transfers™
Adhesive Transfers with Foils 101
Summary of Styles and Finishes
Decor Transfer™ on a Faux Fireplace
Knob Decor Transfer™ Tutorial
Colored Concrete Pavers
Vintage Patina Pot using Decor Moulds™
DIY Concrete Pavers
Decor Transfer™ Bakery Sign
Concrete Paver Moulds & Stencils
How To Apply Decor Transfers™
Altered Jar with Stick and Style Stencils
Mermaid End Table
Floral Ornaments with Decor Transfers™
Gilded Christmas Ornaments
French Floral Wall Decor
Stenciled Candle Holder
Adhesive Decor Transfer™ with Foil 101
Old Window Wall Decor
Gilded Mirror with Decor Wax
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