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Re·Design with Prima®

Redesign VIP Retailer Exclusive

Our Redesign VIP Retailers have a Decor Transfer and Decor Mould that is only available in their stores! Click here to see the list of our Redesign VIP Retailers so you too can get these exclusive products. Blossom Botanica is all things spring with clusters of elegant pale pink blossoms with gorgeous butterflies taking flight. The Blossoming Spring Mould is the perfect complement to this transfer. Pair them together or use them separately in your next DIY project for a breathtaking finish.

Blossom Botanica #651060

Project From Rosie Rustics

Project From Your Space Thriving

Project From Tracey Treasures of Southhampton

Project From DIY Deanna

Project From The Grandsons Brush

Blossoming Spring #650421

Project From Callie’s ReDesign

Project From Secret Garden Chicc

Project From Renovelle by Vilma

Be sure to keep an eye out on all our social media for even more amazing projects from our talented Brand Ambassadors and Content Creators!

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