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Re·Design with Prima®

Wall Art with Redesign

If you’ve ever wanted to create wall art that looked professionally done but felt you don’t have the skill to paint something yourself then decoupage may be just the thing for your to try!

Dressers and Armior tend to be the go-to project but some stretched canvus, impasto paint, and decoupage paper are all the ingretients you need for an amazing work of art. Since not everyone has the time or skill to become a talented artist we have some shortcuts for you using redesign products.

Our A1 Decoupage Mulberry tissue paper has such beautiful artisan designs that are meant to be blended into your background by using paint. While these beautiful decoupage papers are designed for the furniture artist in mind, they work beautifully on stretched canvas.

Much like using a redesign transfer to create the focus on the painting, these decoupage papers can do the same thing, making amazing homemade artwork fit for a gallery. Just follow these steps for a great afternoon project you can do alone or with loved ones.

Decoupage Varnish Matte - 1 jar, 230ml

Step one: Paint your canvas a base color and let dry. Choose a color that best matches the colors in the decoupage design you choose.

Step two: Once the the paint has dried apply a layer of Decoupage Gel.

Step three: while the Gel is still wet place the decoupage down on the canvas and carefully, using a transfer tool or other similar item like a credit card, smooth out the decoupage so that there are no wrinkles.

Step four: Apply a layer of Decoupage Gel over the entire design. Let dry and repeat 2 to 3 more times.

Step five: Use paint to blend in the edges of the decoupage and the canvus. Use a mix of colors that compliment the design of the decoupage.

Step six: Frame and enjoy your artwork!

Be sure to keep an eye out on all our social media for even more amazing projects from our talented Brand Ambassadors and Content Creators!

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