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Re·Design with Prima®

We Care Redesign Stories

We’ve received so many heartwarming stories about how our We Care Redesign Transfer has touched the lives of so many people. Some people have used the transfers to create beautiful gifts for loved loves, others have sold or auctioned off their creations in order to donate the fund and others have donated their pieces to hospitals in hopes of bringing a little bit of happiness. With each story, we are just overjoyed at the outpouring of love and strength so we have decided to share some of them here with all of you. If you are inspired by these stories and would like a FREE Breast Cancer Awareness transfer then scroll to the bottom to find out how to get your own.

Holly and Charmaine’s Story

Hi, my name is Holly and I became addicted to upcycling furniture in 2019! My very first sale of a chest of drawers was to a lovely lady called Charmaine, she came back the next day and bought another small cupboard and whilst with me, she asked would I paint and transfer all her bedroom furniture to match the two pieces she had purchased. I was surprised and delighted to be asked to do so many pieces for Charmaine, as I realized she obviously loved the furniture I was creating!

So my first customer quickly became my client and then over a few short weeks, a very dear friend. Whilst painting her bedroom furniture, I discovered that she was heading to hospital for surgery, that was to be her third breast cancer surgery, and her second breast cancer diagnosis in six years. I was very concerned for my new friend but completely amazed at her strength, courage and resilience. I admired her attitude and determination that she would get through this surgery and the following months of treatment and survive this setback. I felt that her excitement of having all her bedroom furniture ‘reloved’ was giving her something nice to focus on through this hard time. Charmaine’s excitement and road ahead inspired me to do the best work ever, on her furniture, as I wanted her to be happy every day when she woke up and looked around her beautiful bedroom. Charmaine absolutely loved her new bedroom, with all her ‘reloved’ special furniture and still tells me that she looks around every morning at her furniture and smiles with happiness. Starting each day with a big smile and such happiness is very important and I am so pleased to have helped my dear friend start every day with a smile and love in her heart.

I was gifted the “We care redesign breast cancer transfer” by Di and Anthony from Capriole Shabby Chic, after a conversation with Di regarding this horrible cancer and knew immediately that I would use it to make something very special for my friend Charmaine. I knew her bedroom design and furniture very well and her likes etc, so decided to use the transfer on an old suitcase and that this would complement her style and bedroom very nicely! I also chose a suitcase because it can stay with her forever, and always be used to keep her treasures in. Pretty, with great meaning and functional!! What more can a girl ask for?

Charmaine absolutely loved, loved, loved the suitcase and the whole idea of the ‘We care redesign breast cancer transfer’ campaign and was overwhelmed with being chosen to receive such a beautiful gift. My heart was so very happy to see her with her gift and how much she smiled whilst looking it over and reading the words of positivity and support that adorned her suitcase. Bless her beautiful heart, an amazing lady with such strength, positive energy, and a love of life, who insists she will survive! Her suitcase lives in her bedroom, on a bench at the end of her bed, and she sees it every night when she closes her eyes and every morning as she wakes, with a huge smile.

Angela’s Story

I am Angela from Angela’s Attic

I am here to tell you about my inspiration of this bench, specially designed and created for the Canadian Cancer Society’s Hope Blooms campaign.  Cancer affects so many people and families including my own family losing both my father and nephew as well as my mother-in-law who was a survivor.

The process of this bench started last year when I began seeing some of the amazing designs created using Prima Redesign’s We Care transfer and admiring the artists and their stories.  Immediately I fell in love with it and knew I needed to do something to compliment its purpose and beauty.  I wanted to do a piece that could be used by many and decided a bench would provide a place for people to sit and feel comfort and I began my search for the perfect headboard.  On my facebook page, Angela’s Attic, I put out a request looking for one and a friend responded saying she and her husband had one that belonged to his parents who were affected by cancer themselves.  I was honored, and graciously accepted the gift. I had approached the Canadian Cancer Society and presented my idea of constructing and designing a bench that would bring an artistic awareness to their Hope Blooms campaign in April, and they were excited to bring me on board.  As the design process began, I approached our local building supplier, Windsor Plywood, discussed what I was working on, and without hesitation, they donated the wood and paint to complete it.

I was now on a timeline with a deadline for a very important project.  Shortly after I began the project at the beginning of March, my mother-in-law who was a breast cancer survivor fell critically ill and past away within days after hospitalization.  She was especially looking forward to seeing the completion of the bench but sadly we knew that was not going to happen.  During this time, my paintbrush was put down to support my husband and our family.  

Healing is done in many forms, and for mine it was painting.  After her passing, I picked up the brush again and continued with the design and my vision for it came through loud and clear.  As I grieved, I painted and although she is not here to see it now, she was with me through the whole process.  

As I sit here in Kordyban Lodge, I am in awe of the community support Prince George offers for people and families attending treatment throughout Northern British Columbia and I am very proud to be a part of it. Thank you! 

Linda’s Story

Strength, hope, and perseverance…our Breast Cancer Awareness Décor Transfer™ is a wonderful message wrapped up in a beautiful floral and text design.

Redesign with Prima® originally created the BCA transfer to be available free of charge, so that we could work together as a community to bring hope, healing, and relief to those battling breast cancer.

Our BCA Décor Transfer™ will be available in limited quantities from select Redesign with Prima® brick and mortar retailers. We hope to help lift up these specific businesses that have been greatly affected from the pandemic, while also spreading a little hope to those affected by this terrible disease. Please join our “We Care Redesign” Facebook group for creative inspiration and heart-warming stories.

*You may claim your very own transfer using the link below. We do have a limited supply of 1000 Decor Transfers that will be available to Redesign with Prima ® brick and mortar retailers as part of our first phase of distribution. Limited to one per person. Not for resale.

Please request one here

Find a local Redesign Retailer near you here!

Be sure to keep an eye out on all our social media for even more amazing projects from our talented Brand Ambassadors and Content Creators!

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