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Re·Design with Prima®

We Have the Right Tools

While Redesign is known for its gorgeous Decor Transfers and Moulds, they also have an abundance of must-have tools! See how each tool will give you BETTER results on your next DIY project.

Transfer Tool

The Transfer Tool #641627 by Redesign is an essential element for achieving perfect Décor Transfer® results by aiding in smooth and easy application!  Featuring a double-ended design, try this unique tool with Decoupage Papers as well for applying in tight nooks and crannies.

Redesign Transfer Tool

Spray Bottle

Fill the Art Basic Spray Bottle #969240 with your medium of choice to create an amazing splatter pattern. Mix a water-soluble paint such as liquid acrylics or concentrated watercolors to create a custom shade. You can even mix water with mica powder to create a custom mixture. Many of our Mica powders have a shimmer effect that is perfect for creating a subtle shine without overshadowing your project.

Rubber Brayer

This Rubber Brayer #655600 may be used for so many techniques, helping you achieve beautiful results on your DIY projects. Try rolling over our Découpage Papers to smooth out wrinkles and air bubbles during application. Or try with our Décor Stamps as the perfect applicator for a thin layer of paint or ink! Our brayer may also be used to apply a thin layer of ink or paint to a furniture piece or to create special textural effects with paints and pastes. 

Polishing Pad

Buff! Burnish! Polish! Finish off your Décor Transfer® Designs with our Redesign With Prima® Polishing Pads #655860! Designed to buff out air bubbles, lingering debris, or simply to polish and perfect your surface for application, these polishing pads will add a beautiful finishing touch to all your decor projects.  #RedesignBFF #YourNewBFF

Roller Brush Set

Our Roller Brush Set #635855 comes with a roller brush, three refills, and an acrylic block. They are perfect for rolling your favorite paint, Chalk Paste, Décor Ink, Metallic Sheens, or Metallique Paints over stencils, furniture, walls, floors, Stick & Style Stencils, and more.

A roller brush will give you flat even coverage. This is perfect from covering large areas or making sure that your stencil designs are crisp.

Redesign Roller Brush Set

 Refill your roller brush easily and effortlessly with our Redesign With Prima Roller refills #655440! Included in the package are 3 rollers that fit perfectly with our existing rolling brush tool. Perfect for paint and other mediums.

Silicon Spread Pal & Brush

Made of high-quality silicone, these handy tools will allow you to spread any kind of medium on Redesign Décor Stencils®, Stick & Style Stencil Rolls, or any free-hand application of paint, paste, etc! Each package contains two, different-sized, Spread Pals #636982!

When using a thick medium such as chalk paste, the Spread Pal should be your go-to tool. Try this tool with a stencil. Spread a thin layer for a flat design or use the Spread Pal to leave a thick layer of paste to create a raised design. This tool is also perfect for mixing any medium of choice with our glass beads.

Redesign Spread-pals
Art Basics: Mixed Media Silicone Brush 2"

The Art Basic Silicone Brush comes in two different sizes. If you love the spread pals but are looking for something with a handle then this is the tool for you.


Redesign has a wide range of Wax brushes that give you perfect and even coverage of wax application. You can use your fingers for little details but when you want precision and full coverage reach for a wax brush!

These brushes are not limited to wax either. Use them with paint to get thick coverage or use them to blend for the perfect gradient effect.

Redesign Wax brush 1.5"

The Dabbing Brish Set #965365 gives you a wide range of brushes so you have the perfect size needed for covering large areas or getting into those tight corners. Use them for wax, paint, liquid acrylics, and more.

Craft Knife

This Craft Knife #890964 will definitely come in handy for cutting transfers down to the perfect size. Designed to fit comfortably in your hand and comes with replacement blades that are conveniently stored inside the craft knife so no need to hunt down replacement blades!

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