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Re·Design with Prima®

Welcome to Paradise

Our newest Decor Transfer®, Tropical Paradise has lush palms and greenery that will add a bit of the tropics to any project.

This bed by Tracey Bellion of Tracey’s Fancy has all the character that it can hold with colors, metallics and bits of the Decor Transfer® added to the center that ties it all in together for a whimsical design.

This is a wonderful example of how this transfer can be used to fit a certain space to work around the design of the piece.

Our opaque Decor Transfers® look amazing over any color including a wood finish. This piece by Crystin of Eclat Designs by Crystin shows a rustic finish making the greenery just pop!

This pretty in pink duo by Kimberly of Second Chance Studios bursts with personality! The gold detailing sets the stage for the design of these end tables-dont you think?

How fun to bring the tropics into your designs and add gorgeous greenery to enhance the colors or wood. This large Decor Transfer® can be used on large pieces or in little touches to enhance your pieces. Be on the lookout for more inspiration right here on the blog.

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