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Re·Design with Prima®

What a Way With A1 Decoupage Rice Paper!

Here at Redesign, we have two types of A1 Decoupage Paper. The first is A1 Decoupage Rice Paper which is a high-quality, artisan line and a more economical, but no less beautiful A1 Decoupage Fiber paper.

Today we want to focus on our beautiful artisan paper. Made out of fibrous mulberry this specialty sheet has a design that goes all the way through the paper giving you two options for application, the bright and vibrant front and a muted almost watercolor effect on the back. Despite its large size, it is very easy to apply. It is durable and forgiving, allowing you to move and adjust it during application. This type of paper is the best choice for surfaces with lots of curves and details as it goes over them with ease. Virtually wrinkle-free as it can be smoothed out without fear of tearing the way thinner paper will. These designs are rich in color and texture giving the illusion of brush strokes and the paper is thick and durable to touch leaving a matte or glossy finish depending on your medium of choice.

Felipe Santiago of Santiago’s Furniture & Interior Arthas certainly mastered the art of decoupage. Check out Just a few of his amazing pieces that feature Redesign with Prima A1 Decoupage Rice Paper

Peaceful Ponder #655785

Harmony #653774

White Majestry #653859

A Girl and Her Pup #660482

Loyal Friend #660611

Beautiful Portrait #655792

Whimsical Lady #657055

Be sure to keep an eye out on all our social media for even more amazing projects from our talented Brand Ambassadors and Content Creators!

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