Re-Design with Prima creates beautiful spaces in your home through our Decor stencils, transfers and more.

decor transfer

Use our transfers to create unique home decor pieces. 

paver moulds & stencils

Create unique pieces for your garden and outdoors.

gold transfers

Metallic transfers, perfect for adding a gilding and gold effect to your pieces.

adhesive transfers

Adhesive transfers, perfect for using with foils and other applications.

Wood Plates

Great for creating decorative chargers and other decor projects.

fabrics & linens

Re-Design Textiles ready to be stenciled and inked. 

Decor Stencils

Unique stencils for walls, furniture and a variety of surfaces.

Chalk paste

Smooth and creamy, a perfect paste for using with our stencils or on its own with a true matte finish.

screenprint stencils

Dainty and highly detailed stencils perfect for achieving details designed on fabrics and furniture.

decor moulds

Versatile, heat resistant, and virtually endless possibilites. 

decor waxes

Available in a variety of finishes and colors, perfect for creating magical pieces.

3d stencil.jpg

3d stencils

Highly detailed and raised stencil designs with a truly textured finish.

knob transfers

Uniquely miniature sized transfers perfect for not only knobs but a variety of mini-applications.